TRIPOD bèta incidentanalysis: improved learning from incidents

The importance of thorough learning from incidents is beyond doubt. The awareness in the industry and other organisations is growing about the fact that the identification of underlying factors of incidents is vital. These factors determine the way a company works. Unsafe practices may be rooted in long lasting problems in the organisation. By adressing these factors, a step change in safety can be made. One of the best methods to adress these underlying factors is the TRIPOD bèta method.  More information is given in this website, including training, software and downloads. See also Ábout Tripod (top right).

The Tripod services are deleivered by SSC. We have probably the largest experience in the application of TRIPOD bèta of all consulting companies. It is embedded in a day to day practice of advising the industry in the area of Safety Management. 


Column februari 2014
Incidents: Occupational and Process Safety: other worlds?

In the magazine of the VNCI (Dutch Chemical Industry) of October 2013 an article is published about a Lost Time Injury (LTI) analysis of incidents in 2012 that was made on the basis of a survey among ...

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