Safety Solutions Consultants (SSC)

This Tripod site is empowerd by SSC. A Company with more than 10 year Tripod experience. SSC is a former TNO Safety Company.

DHV Group

Our partner for Tripod services. DHV is a leading international consultancy and engineering firm, providing services and innovative solutions in environment and sustainability, general buildings, manufacturing and industrial process, urban and regional development and water.

The Dutch Safety Board

The Dutch Safety Board performs independent, comprehensive investigations into the causes or probable causes of individual – or categories of – ‘incidents’. A TRIPOD analysis is mostly included in the reports of the Board (can be downloaded). 




Column februari 2014
Incidents: Occupational and Process Safety: other worlds?

In the magazine of the VNCI (Dutch Chemical Industry) of October 2013 an article is published about a Lost Time Injury (LTI) analysis of incidents in 2012 that was made on the basis of a survey among ...

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