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Better learning from incidents

Take the opportunity to find out that the Tripod method may be is the best method to identify the underlying factors of your incidents and near misses. By removing these underlying factors ('Latent Failures'), a whole range of future incidents are prevented. You will make a step change in Safety!

Tripod uses the failing/ missing barrier approach.  These barriers need to be identified and then placed in a simple structure ('Tripod Tree) for further analysis. The further analysis is an interactive team effort. The TR2 webapplication software facilitates the proces and the reporting. 

For a direct trial use of Tripod (webapplication), click on the button below.  You will receive a Username and Password (validity: 1 month).

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- download relevant information, including a description of the method (see Downloads)

The book 'The two largest industrial disasters' (2014) about Process Safety (author Chris Pietersen) is now available through Amazon. Click Here.



SSC book now published in India!

15 January 2014

The book written by Chris Pietersen with the title:

The two largest industrial disasters in history' is now published in India by KW Publishers. It is about Process Safety: the investigatiopns of the Bhopal (MIC) and Mexcico (LPG) disasters and the less... Read more »

SSC/ DHV international seminar, Sopot, Polen

22 June 2012

Better learning from incidents (with Tripod)

A Tripod workshop is organised by SSC, in corporation with DHV. As sponsors of the Working On Safety (WOS) conference), we offer the participants a free workshop, just preceding the start of the registration at the conference (11 september, 15.00 hr). We feel that the safety potential of the Tripod method needs to be known more widely.

Date: 11 September 2012, 9.30- 15.00 hr.

Location: Sheraton hotel, Sopot Poland (same hotel as hosting the WOS conference). Registration for the conference starts at 15.00 hr. in this hotel.

Subscription for the free workshop: Click here.

Information about the workshop/ program can be found here (pdf)

TRIPOD training for the Ministry of Defense

6 July 2012

SSC did receive an order to give Tripod training for three year at the Marine base in Den Helder, Netherlands. This assignment has been obtained competition with other providers.  It is clear that SSC's role in Tripod training, software and re... Read more »

SSC Book recommended by the American Institute of Chemical Engineering

12 May 2011

In the recent 'Safety & Health Newsletter' of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) the book is reviewed and recommended to process safety supervisors or entry level engineers entering the process safety community.

Part o... Read more »

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Column februari 2014
Incidents: Occupational and Process Safety: other worlds?

In the magazine of the VNCI (Dutch Chemical Industry) of October 2013 an article is published about a Lost Time Injury (LTI) analysis of incidents in 2012 that was made on the basis of a survey among ...

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